Jimmy brought some survivors from his collection.........drool.......



Brad's first non-race car in 35 years, his '61 Bel Air done in maroon with a custom painted interior!


Doug's AMT '29 Roadster with a '41 Woody flathead and '40 Ford rims and steering wheel

Marty and Cindy brought some from their collection too

Slot cars that have been around a few times!

The  oh-so-clean '55 Chevy is one of J.P.'s builds

Nice to see visitor Howard bringing some of his slot car body conversions and recent builds


Rick's monthly build, with hockey tape on the roof and cigar box wood on the bed

Some items for a future diorama

Bill brought along both boxed and baggie Toyota 2000 kits to work on

Bob brought some friends to help with his Ottawa Yard Tractor!

That's it for this time, come back next month!